Nawgum by Mello & Co.

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August 15, 2017
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Nawgum by Mello & Co.

No parent wants to see their child suffer when teething, and Nawgum by Mello & Co. is uniquely designed to help babies get through the tough teething times. It is the only teether I know of that reaches a baby’s most painful teeth—the molars. Nawgum has two bumpers and two arms that go in different directions so it can be easily manipulated. It has a wavy arm that is easy for the child to move from side to side to scratch the gums and a nubby arm to massage the gums. The arms replicate what most children prefer to gnaw on—a finger.

I also like this product because it is designed with safety in mind. If a child is walking or running with Nawgum and they fall, the arms are not long enough to gag the child. In addition, the oval shaped body will deflect the teether so it will pop out of a child’s mouth.

Before she developed the product, company founder and president Sue Kellogg spoke with her mom friends and collected their needs and wants in a teether. She also met with dentists, orthodontists, and a pediatrician, and discussed the first two years of oral development, making this product practical, effective and safe. If you’d like to learn more, please visit their website:

Let me know if you try Nawgum and what you think!


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