Speaking Engagements

​Research has proven what most of us know – if we are sleep deprived, our reactions are slower, our thinking is less clear, we may have headaches or depression – basically, we’re less productive. Unfortunately, not everyone was taught how to get the rest they need. And your organization may suffer productivity loss as a result.

Fortunately, employers can entice employees (with healthy lunchtime goodies and food for thought) to learn how to get the sleep they most likely crave. Here is an example of what I can create for your organization:

In a 45-minute lunch-and-learn, I will share sleep best practices, including:

  • How electronics affect sleep.

  • The best times to sleep/wake.

  • The right temperature and lighting to support sleep.

  • How nutrition affects sleep.

  • How parents with little ones can help them sleep through the night (which means parents can sleep through the night).

I’ll also help employers plan a nutritious and fun menu that employees will enjoy, and make them more productive, too.

Customized (children of all ages, teens or adult) sleep presentations are created to fit your organization’s needs.

Please contact me at [email protected] for more information about hosting a sleep-related lunch-and-learn or having Ingrid attend a health and wellness fair at your organization.