Sleep Kits


I couldn’t be more honored to have you here, everyone deserves blissful sleep! These blissful sleep kits include everything you will need to create a healthy, happy and blissfully sleeping home.There are many sleep disruptors that affect us emotionally and physically on a daily basis.  Yes, this also happens to children as well.  I know that creating just a behavioral sleep plan will not address all of those disruptors.  So, I partnered with doTERRA, the largest essential oil company in the world. doTERRA produces highly pure essential oils that have been recognized in the medical profession as effective for mental and physical wellness.  I know everyone needs to have these gifts of the earth in there life.  I believe in the power of these products so much that I decided to gift you my sleep advice.  All you pay for are the products!

I personally curated the following four blissful sleep kits, two for children and two for adults, based on my experience of working with 1000’s of sleepless souls from around the world.

Child(ren) Sleep Kits:

No. 1






No. 2


doTERRA Touch – diluted 10 mL rollerbottles of essential oils.

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Adult Sleep Kits:

No. 1 – Mental Wellness and Sleep Kit






No. 2 – Immune Support and Sleep Kit