November 10, 2017

The Best Times to Sleep, Wake, Exercise and Eat Are Based on Age, Circadian Rhythms

If you’re wondering what the optimal times are to engage in certain activities, listen to your body’s circadian rhythms. Circadian rhythms are physiological, mental and behavioral changes governed […]
November 9, 2017

Early School Start Times Lead to Chronic Overtiredness In Adolescents

by Lauren Yelvington, Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant If your teens are pushing back when you try to get them to bed at a reasonable hour, they’re not being defiant. […]
October 7, 2017

Badaboum’s Cozy Sleep Sack

Badaboum’s cozy sleep sack is a great alternative to traditional loose and bulky baby blankets. It keeps baby comfy and securely covered, which may lead to longer sleep […]
October 6, 2017

Tips For A Happy Slumber Party

Slumber parties are a fun rite of passage for children – and a big responsibility for parents. They should be age appropriate and handled with care. Children are generally ready to […]