The Best Natural Pillow for Blissful Sleep

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November 7, 2018

The Best Natural Pillow for Blissful Sleep

I’ve been testing out pillows for a while now and it’s been really tough to find one that I absolutely love until now.  Though I do research and test products for my sleep clients, finding a pillow I would love was a personal mission. I have a neck and back injury from a head-on collision I sustained about 10.5 years ago. The pain can be debilitating at times if I sleep on the wrong pillow, which has been the case for many years. You name it, I have tried it! I would find minimal relief with some but not consistently enough, until now.  I am happy to share that I have found a natural pillow brand that I absolutely love! Have you heard of Juvea? Juvea, a subsidiary of Talay Global, is an American company, based just a few towns away from my home in a town called Shelton in Connecticut. Juvea created a pillow in an untapped market where there is a need. This is what you will get when you purchase a Juvea pillow … comfort, affordability and non-toxic! Three of my must-haves that I have not been able to find until now.

In early April, the company reached out to share information about their product. They were not sharing them with the public as of yet so I jumped on the chance to learn more about their pillows, the process and even test them out. All in the name of pain relief! I had the chance to fully experience the entire process of the pillow production in person and even go home with some to share with my loved ones and friends that would test them out as well. It was an amazing experience!

Juvea produces 100% natural latex pillows with material sourced from the Havea Brasiliensias tree. Love it!!!  As the company better explains on their website and what they explained to me in person, the liquid latex, which you will see in the pictures below, “is poured into a mold, it is then vacuumed, flash frozen, and heated. The pillows are then washed, dried and cured in a five-stage process that removes allergen proteins for a pure, healthy final product.” This falls in line with my holistic/realistic household that suffers from allergies and asthma.

The companies executives, who are parents, are hyper-vigilant that this washing process is done correctly. They want everyone, including children, to be able to use these pillows. Side note: The pillows meet

Their offices are just a few steps away, through a door, from the manufacturing facility, which they make

Paying close attention as Mike Quinn, Vice President of Operations, explains the beginning of the process. I am just in awe of the machinery that is making these incredible pillows possible.


Jennifer Costa, the Vice President of Marketing is helping me understand what is taking place when the latex is poured into the mold.

It’s truly amazing to see this process in person. There are six pillow molds but only one is pillow is being poured in this picture. After all six are poured,

We then walked over to the other side of the manufacturing plant and watched as the newly formed pillows were getting washed. Remember I mentioned above that they are washed FIVE times before they make it down this conveyor belt that you see below. We heard beeping sounds and Mike pointed out how the various testing equipment

After the washing process is completed, the pillows make their way to the packaging side of the plant. Below, Mike is showing us how they get those pillows into the super cute and small boxes. Want one of your own? There is an amazing discount below!!!

Ready to begin sharing with the world!!

TESTIMONIALS from my testers:

“I absolutely noticed a difference in how much less I sweated on these pillows then any other pillow I have slept on before.  It was so great to see that they don’t lose their form. They stay fluffy!” – Michael, a dad of two boys

“Love the pillow!” – Julie

“My sister stole my pillow last night and loved it!” – Amy, mother of two

“It’s so cool and I don’t sweat, Mami” – Leo, my 11-year-old

Comes with a 10 YEAR WARRANTY!!!


You can shop Juvea’s pillow collection HERE! A sweet 20% discount code, Whisper20, which you will see when you check out, is already included in the link.  Please feel free to share with others that are in desperate need of good night sleep. Sharing is caring after all 🙂 Would love to hear if a Juvea pillow ends up in your home!

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