Six Steps to Blissful Sleep System (Newborn-5 Years Old)

 Is your baby struggling to fall or stay asleep?

The Gift of Sleep is what you need this coming year!

 Learn the tools that will help your baby sleep blissfully and create a happy, healthy and blissful home you’ve been dreaming about.

No more sleepless days or nights trying to figure out why your baby resists sleeping and why it may take forever to help them finally fall asleep.

Hi! I’m Ingrid Prueher, a media sleep expert, the creator of the first all-in-one sleep clock “The Good Night Buddy,” and the host of “Baby Sleep 911” Web TV series. I have worked with 1000’s of families globally and helped them implement my system with guaranteed success.

The Six Steps to Blissful Sleep Program is a comprehensive program that includes daily Q&A with me! This is not a DIY program because your child(ren) is not just like every other baby out there. The modules cover sleep help for newborns through five years of age. It’s designed to help sleepless moms and dads who are absolutely exhausted, are tired of reading all of the sleep books, and who are simply at a loss as to how to help their baby to sleep when they have tried everything.

You can start helping your baby sleep better, NOW!

No more waiting to book a call with a sleep consultant or having to spend tons of money for help.

No more buying hundreds of sleep books.

No more spending money on gadgets to help your baby sleep better.

No more sleepless nights.

The answers are provided in this program. I guarantee it!

Here is what you are going to get:

  • My Six Steps to Blissful Sleep System – via Eight video modules – description of each module is below,
  • An online Intake Form,
  • An online log to track your little one’s progress,
  • Printable sleep schedules, Sleep needs by age, Feeding routines, Sleep training method plans and much more,
  • Printable workbook to create your child’s sleep plan,
  • A Private Facebook group community,
  • Daily (Monday through Friday) question and answer support (in Facebook) to ask ME anything via our private Facebook group,
  • Lifetime Access to all of the above (including Q&A) and any additional material added to the program;
  • Add-ons private phone time (30 minutes $90) or (60 minutes $175).

Are you ready for blissful sleep? Let’s get started!

You have two payment choices: 

Enroll now and receive the Six Steps to Blissful Sleep Course + an amazing bonus (Lifetime Access) for just $297 USD




Sleep Development – find out how much your baby needs to sleep during each age phase through five years of age,

Sleep Environment – create an environment that will help your baby sleep right away,

Sleep Schedule – proven sleep schedules to follow based on your baby’s natural sleep rhythms. I take the guesswork away,

Sleep Routine – create healthy sleep habits that will last time and will tell your baby when sleep is coming,

Feeding Routine – when to feed your baby throughout the day so it helps your baby sleep better,

Weaning off of Sleep Associations – stop the rocking, bouncing, strolling and holding to sleep once and for all,

Sleep Training Methods – which method is best for your child and how to implement it properly,

Wait there is more…

Bonus Gift – Most burning questions answered for you so you can have continued sleep success.

What to do when your little one:

  • is sick,
  • is teething,
  • has reflux,
  • has sleep apnea,
  • is still night feeding, and much, much more

Are you ready for blissful sleep? Let’s get started!

You have two payment choices:

Enroll now and receive the Six Steps to Blissful Sleep Program + an amazing bonus (Lifetime Access) for just $297 USD 


It’s my mission to help as many sleepless families as I can. I am trying to make this as easy for you as possible and give you the step-by-step plan that I use with my private clients because I know you all need to sleep better soon. It pains me to see so many families so sleep deprived. There is no need for it especially if I know how to help you!